Friars Academy - 2022-8


Our values are summarised by the statement ‘Every child, every chance, every day’. Our actions are underpinned by the belief that;

  • everyone should feel included in their local communities and wider society
  • staff and students are capable of constantly learning and developing
  • family members play a vital role in the education of students
  • our schools and academies need to be part of and responsive to their local communities


Given these beliefs, all our staff will strive to ensure that;

  • every student feels included in the life of their school or academy
  • every student leaves their school or academy prepared for the next stage in their lives
  • each student feels engaged and is enabled to contribute to the communities in which they live
  • each student’s potential is recognised, and their potential is turned into a reality
  • family members are engaged in the students’ learning and development
  • investment is made in high quality professional development for staff
  • student and staff achievements are recognised and celebrated


Our vision is that Better Together Learning Trust and its academies and schools will be acknowledged as a leading contributor to high quality inclusive education in their local communities for 4 to 25 year olds.

The Better Together Learning Approach

There is a strong belief throughout the academies and schools with Better Together Learning Trust that students will develop and progress as a result of valuing every contribution from its staff, family members and those in the wider community. The student voice is critical to the success of each academy and school and decisions will be informed wherever possible by taking into account the experiences and views of students in whatever form that takes. Each academy and school will develop a curriculum that is challenging and innovative and informed by best available evidence. This will be informed by creating the capacity and willingness to develop all staff to strive for excellence.