All cognitive and learning support requests are still to be made in the same way:

  • Download the relevant request for support and consent forms from our website
  • Complete as necessary - consent forms MUST be handwritten / signed
  • Please note that the more detailed information we receive the better - and do not forget to send supporting evidence / documents from involved professionals
  • Return to our Outreach Team who will respond withing 2 working days

All requests for support from inside North Northants are funded by the Local Authority.

For further information or any other support we may other, please feel free to contact our team who will be happy to help.

Outside North Northants Catchment 

Currently our Outreach Service is very busy and fully stretched, in supporting a large number of schools in the North. 

This means that unfortunately at the present moment we do not have the capacity to support any new requests from schools in the West. 

Better Together Learning Trust

Outreach Team

Tel: 01933 304950